Reebok has become the latest to launch a fitness related app for Android users. The app is simply called Reebok Fitness and it will allow the user to build their own programs. Well, build their own programs with some guidance. This setup begins with you choosing the length (ranging from 6 to 12 weeks) and picking a few categories. By doing this, the Reebok Fitness app should help to keep your workout routine fresh and given some time, it should also help to improve your fitness level.

Anyway, some of those categories include walking, running, dance, yoga and general training. You will have to choose at least two, and worry not because the Reebok Fitness app also includes some instructional videos. You know, just in case you want to pick a category that you know little to nothing about. In fact, the app touts itself as being able to give tips from world-class fitness experts. You can also use the app to sync with your calendar which means workout reminders.


Upon creating your program you have to fill out your time to 100 percent. That is to say if you choose running and general training, you then break down how much (based on a total of 100 percent) of each you will have per week. A program based on 75 percent running and 25 percent general training over 12 weeks gave us a program summary that starts with four workouts per week. As per the breakdown, that was three running workouts and one fitness workout.


There is one drawback here in that these workouts are not necessarily perfect for where you live and they don’t seem to take your current fitness level into consideration. For example, week 1 gave me a hill repeat workout (Florida doesn’t have many hills) and a long run of 45 minutes. Not trying to brag, but that is a short run at this point. Of course, using Reebok Fitness as a guide and schedule, we suspect they can be varied a bit.

Of course, the app includes the ability to share your progress with your friends. All said and done, while we have yet to set out on the provided plan, it does look to have some potential. In fact, it is looking like that 12 week routine will be followed through. Those interested can grab Reebok Fitness for Android from the Google Play Store using this link.

[via TNW]