Android Pie Notch Battery Indicator

The notch is getting an upgrade. Well, we could only think of a few ways to improve the notch but it’s possible now by adding a battery indicator. It’s something we first heard when the Samsung Galaxy S10’s camera hole was turned into punch a battery indicator via the Energy Ring app. That was made possible ever since we also learned that the punch hole is actually animated. With a serving of the Android Pie, a camera hole can be improved and be turned into a battery level indicator.

With the Notch Pie, you can even use the waterdrop notch of the OnePlus 6T and Redmi Note 7 Pro as a battery indicator. Other devices with waterdrop notches can also take advantage of this.

Last year, we never really thought about adding to or making fun of the notch but looks like it’s okay now. The notch deserves some update and the Notch Pie app specifically makes it more interesting.

XDA Member oddlyspaced came up with this battery indicator. Simply get the Notch Pie app so you can easily set it up. Check the screens below. We suggest you review the app, navigate, and see for yourself if it works. You may need to tap a few times before it works.

Get the Notch Pie app from HERE. Check the setup screens carefully and do it properly. It should work on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro and OnePlus 6T without any problem.

XDA Labs is where you can see the Notch Pie app. As described, the app creates an overlay on the status bar, mainly around the teardrop or waterdrop notch. This aims to show the battery status.

Note that the app is still in beta. There may be a few bugs but feel free to let the developers know so they can be fixed right away.

VIA: XDA Developers