The “debate” on whether the Facebook app drains your smartphone faster has been going on for quite some time now, with some firmly in the “Facebook is bad for your phone” camp and others that say you cannot live without it so might as well live with it. A reddit user named pbrandes_eth is reopening the discussion by saying that when he uninstalled the app and the accompanying Messenger app, his phone ran 15% faster. As always, the fun is in the comments section.

The user says that he wanted to put it to the test on his LG G4, choosing to use the DiscoMark benchmarking app he downloaded from the Google Play Store. He did 15 runs and chose to reboot before each run and tested 20 apps that he used often, including Kindle, Calculator, Camera, Chrome, Gmail, Spotify, etc. After doing the 15 runs, he found out that his smartphone is running 15% faster than when he had Facebook and Messenger installed. Of course he made a disclaimer that the results would probably vary per user, taking into consideration the different phones and the frequently used apps.

Of course people had to comment. One user said that other apps do this also, not just the Facebook owned apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. He cited apps like Dropbox, Spotify, OneDrive, etc that sit in your memory and starts immediately when you boot your phone. But some agree with the original poster that Facebook does use an excessive amount of RAM and they’re one of the, if not the biggest culprits when it comes to RAM and battery hogging.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you dear user, if you will choose to free yourself of the Facebook app on your device, and just use Facebook on your browser-app just like the reddit poster. But if you feel like you can live with the slowing down (if you believe there is) of your device since you use Facebook a lot, then of course you’d like for it to stay.

SOURCE: Reddit