Reddit fans know there are plenty of apps to choose from, all offering their unique spin on how to access the popular blogging site. Plenty of options, but none seem to have the new Android design standards. Reddit Sync recently saw an update, and it’s been reworked almost entirely.

While the content is what it is on Reddit, the way you now access it from Reddit Sync is new. It has a card interface, and the now familiar “hamburger” menu on the top left of the screen. The app also has some cool new features that add to your Reddit experience, rather than just make it prettier.

You’ll have a nifty button for writing a new post, and a dedicated sync button, but those are old news. We really like the “Reddit Gold” feature, which notes the posts you’ve read. We wish this would come to more social media platforms, like Google+. It also supports multi-user support, and sub-reddits are easy to find with Reddit Sync.

There are several versions, with the free version coming with in-app ads. If you really don’t like ads cluttering your line of sight, there is a pro version of the app, which is ad free. Right now, the pro version is only $1, so really — spend a buck, support a Developer. If you need to get deeper into the app, you can purchase the Dev edition, also $1. The Dev edition is just what you’d expect from an app of its ilk; lots of updates, and you’re on the bleeding edge.

VIA: Android Police