There are times when you want things that have been recommended by users – and Android mobile gaming is definitely one of those things. The Google Play Store’s marketing and search algorithms and values – including their Editor’s Choice system – has been much maligned, and Android gamers could sure use a more reliable source for getting good games. We have our own GOTW portion, but there’s a big user-made list of great Android games in Reddit right now that you should check out if you’re even remotely interested in Android games, and we know you are.

At one point in time, Redditor “davepnsprt” compiled all the user recommendations from an /r/AndroidGaming thread that spand over 300 comments long. Pretty heavy work, that. But it resulted in a list that compiled the most recommended Android games available to users out there. Just for that, this list deserves a mention (check the source links below).

The Google Play Store has a working search engine, but most Android gamers and users agree that the search function within the Play Store is fueled heavily by marketing and placement fees. As such, this makes the search engine heavily biased and it does not truly work as a good tool for searching games.

The list provided at the link below is a Google spreadsheet. Be sure to comment on the source thread if you have recommendations that are not in the list (doubtful, but possible). If for this, the thread also deserves your up vote, if you hang out on Reddit.

THE LIST: Google Docs
SOURCE: Reddit