There isn’t any shortage of Reddit apps available for Android users. But as many realize — those apps are all from third-parties. While we’ve been happily using some of those third party apps here, we have also been hoping to see an official Reddit app arrive in the Play Store.

So far there hasn’t been any sort of timeline, but a recent job listing suggests the app will be coming. The listing touts how Reddit is “going mobile” and as such, they are hiring mobile app developers. Those interested in learning the full job requirements for the job can hit the source link below.

More important for the end user is this — Reddit is looking for someone with Android experience. Specifically, for someone with Java and design as related to Android. Ultimately that means we should be on the lookout for some finer details from Reddit, and in the end, an app arriving in the Play store.

But again, we still need an official announcement for the specifics. In the meantime we’ll continue using those third-party apps. We are also hopeful this new competition will spur some further excitement and lead to some solid apps all around, both official and third party.

VIA: Phandroid

SOURCE: Reddit


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