If you are, the sort of person that likes to be prepared for anything this new app might appeal to you. The app comes from the Red Cross and offers tips for what to do in an emergency. The app also offers links to 911 that will dial the number for you. If you are ever in a life threatening emergency, you should dial 911 before you try and use this app.

This app is really aimed at what to do in the interim between dialing 911 and the ambulance showing up. It has links to tips on giving care. There are slide shows for different things you might need to do rather than full motion videos. The app can help diagnose some issues too.

It has walk throughs for what to do with simple questions like are they breathing and others. I guess this app is better than nothing, I wonder if it has got stuff inside like what to do for minor cuts or burns. That will be more helpful to most people than anything else.

[via Mobiputng]