If your job requires you to use your mobile device as a recorder (reporter, investigator, blogger, or you just like recording stuff), then you probably wouldn’t want to rely on your phone’s built-in recorder. Chances are, the OEM did not pay much attention or give enough features for your phone’s recorder to do anything other than just record. So yes, as always, there is an app for that. For your consideration, the Recordr app brings you an improved sound quality, no time limit on your recording, and also supports different formats for your convenience.

In fact, the Recordr has various modes to fit what you need, like raw data, lecture recorder, noise capturer, interview recorder, etc. And if what you need isn’t available, you can actually create your own and define what settings you need. There are various settings that you can manipulate, like gain factor (should audio be louder or softer?), skip silence (the option to control the decibel level when the file should skip when there are no sounds), noise filter, remove echo, sample rate (44kHz, 16 kHz, 8 kHz) and channel (stereo or mono).

It also supports various audio formats like wav, aac, 3gpp, amr, mp3, mp4. And if you like to have a “pretty” interface while you’re doing all these recordings, you have 35 themes to choose from. Sharing is also easier as you can do so through Bluetooth, email, messages, or uploading them directly to the cloud in Google Drive. You can also record directly from your home screen through the widget.

If you have a smartwatch running Android Wear, you can also record directly there, but of course sound quality may be an issue. You can download Recordr from the Google Play Store for free.