reCAPTCHA was launched by Google around 10 years to keep users safe in visiting websites, safe from spam and abuse. We’ve seen how this technology has been used and it has evolved quite a bit. Now, we’re getting a reCAPTCHA Android API as part of Google Play Services.

The reCAPTCHA API can be used in apps and mobile websites to better tell human and bots apart. Google is envisioning a more streamlined user experience on mobile, and reCAPTCHA will be used for this purpose. You can expect to start seeing this soon in more apps.

Google is also introducing the new Invisible reCAPTCHA technology, which runs risk analysis behind the scenes and will enable users to pass through the security gate with zero clicks. Now mobile users can enjoy their apps without being interrupted, while still staying away from spam and abuse.

With Android O coming very soon, you should be able to see reCAPTCHA as part of the app developer’s arsenal to protect users from spam and abusive bots all over the internet.

SOURCE: Google