Realme Watch

The Realme Watch was first announced in the market almost a month ago. The smartwatch reminds us of the Apple Watch but it’s different in many ways. It’s described to be really faster although we’re not sure if there is truth to this. The $53 Realme Watch (₹3,999) from OPPO isn’t that high-specced but it has pretty decent features starting with the 1.4-inch color touchscreen. It boasts an intelligent activity tracker, real-time heart rate monitor, and blood oxygen level monitor.

OPPO’s Realme Watch also features music and camera controls for easy access and management. Like most smartwatches, it brings smart notifications and offers personalized watch faces. There are 14 sports modes to choose from if you are a health and fitness enthusiast.

Realme Watch’s large display is a color touchscreen. It has a 320 x 320-pixel resolution which is already impressive for a smartwatch. It shoes lifelike images and responds with fast and efficient responsive touch.

The watch is friendly on the skin with the silicone material. With a single button, it can detach easily. Choose from the different colors of the watch strap. The watch needs some updating and the second software update is ready just in time.

Version number 81.0 delivers improved notification management. This means you can see a max of 10 notifications in one drop-down list. It’s better compared to one notification only or a new alert replacing the old notification.

Other updates for the Realme Watch include battery optimizations, improved notification management, seven new languages, and enabling-disabling of Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. A few bugs and errors have been fixed as well. The changelog shows a Multilingual UI, Full Character Library, Multi-Message Alerts (10 items), Heart, Blood Oxygen level, and Heart rate high/low reminder for the adults. Another function could be the automatic opening of the control interface when music is played. Another notable addition is the DND Mode which brings the ability to schedule duration added on the watch.


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