Realme UI 2.0 Android 11 beta

Realme UI 2.0 Android 11 beta is now available for the realme 6 Pro, realme X2 Pro, realme 7, and the realme narzo 20 Pro. This is simply Early Access for the said devices but this means the public version will soon follow for other Realme phones as well. As with most Android 11 updates, the new Realme UI delivers a number of customization options to the latest Realme devices. The Early Access program is mainly for phone owners who want to experience Android 11. It’s not the perfect version yet being in beta so expect to encounter several bugs and errors.

The Early Access program has been opened since December 28 for the Realme 6 Pro. Other models like the Realme X2 Pro, Realme 7, and the Realme narzo 20 Pro also followed.

If you are joining the beta program, you have to make sure your device is not rooted. Backup you personal data first so you won’t lose anything when updating.

Note that some mobile apps may not be supported by Android 11. Some of them may crash or not work. It is recommended you get the updated version from the Play Store before updating to Android 11.

Realme UI 2.0 Early Access Application Open

Remember that the Early Access version is not final. It may have certain effects on your smartphone. To be sure, allot more than 5GB of free storage so you will not experience any failure.

The device battery should be full or at least 60%. If you are joining the early access beta program, help Realme by submitting bugs and suggestions HERE. Please note that the release versions are for India only, at least, for now. Other key markets may soon follow.