A lot of Chinese smartphone manufacturers have gone beyond their original product line and have explored other devices. Xiaomi is of course the most popular example with their wide range of products and competitors are trying to emulate their business model. realMe has released tablets and laptops before and now they’re set to announce a 4K Smart Google TV Stick, marking their foray in the smart TV market, albeit through an HDMI stick. The device will officially be announced on October 13 but details have been released.

The major thing to note with this realMe HDMI stick is that it will run on Google TV and not Android TV. The former has been positioned as the new platform that Google is holding up as the standard when it comes to smart TVs. Basically it has a more streamlined interface so you can easily access your video content as well as organizing and collecting content from various sources. There are only a few smart TVs that are running on Google TV but when it comes to dongles, only the new Chromecast has it. Well, until realMe officially releases its new device of course.

The realMe Google TV Stick will also be the first non-Google dongle to run on Google TV. It should function as its name says, without any extra or extraordinary features. It connects to your TV or monitor via HDMI 2.1 and uses USB-C for power instead of the usual micro-USB port. It supports 4Kp60 output since 4K is its name and it also has support for HDR+10 output, provided your screen also supports it. It also has built-in Google Assistant so you can ask questions, set reminders, etc.

Since it is a Google TV stick, it also has most of the entertainment platforms built into it, like Netflix, Prime Video, and Google’s own YouTube, YouTube Music, and Google Play Games. As for how it looks like, well, it looks like any other HDMI dongle in the market but there’s not much room for innovative design for a device like this. Other than all this information on the realMe page, there doesn’t seem to be other specs or features to add.

The realMe 4K Smart Google TV Stick will be launching on October 13. You can tap on the Notify Me button if you want to be reminded of this. What we will also find out on the launch is how much the dongle will cost.


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