The folks from Electronic Arts have an awesome game coming soon for Android and iOS. You’ve probably enjoyed the first two, but Real Racing 3 is in the works and looks amazing. They first announced and showed off the new race game back in August, but today we’re getting a second look where they’re teasing real life tracks and stunning graphics.

Yup, what would make a good racing game on our favorite Android phones and tablet even better? Actually racing and enjoying real tracks that we see on TV and around the world. The folks from Electronic Arts have stepped up their game for RR3 and done exactly that. Extremely memorable and popular tracks like Melbourne, Australia, or Indianapolis Motor Speedway. As well as the world renowned Mount Panorama and more.

Firemonkeys and EA are working hard to release a top-tier mobile game with as much effort and stunning attention to detail as we all know and love in our console games. Being able to race through the streets of Melbourne or drift down the face of Mount Panorama surely sounds exciting right? Here’s a quick video showing some of the work that’s gone into their new title.

With all the attention to details and stunning graphics this is looking closer and closer to a console quality game with every minute. The developer diary video above is one of many we can expect to see in the coming weeks from EA. We’re hearing their aiming to cross the finish line and release the game for iOS and Android in February, according to Kotaku. So we’ll be sure and stay tuned for additional details. Get a MOGA game controller and enjoy this epic game for Android once it’s available. Who’s with me?

[via SlashGear]