If you’re a graphic designer or a web developer, you know the importance of having a harmonious color scheme on your next project. There are plenty of programs, services and web apps that will generate an eye-pleasing palette for you, but they’re almost all drawing from pre-created sets of colors. Real Colors Pro is an Android app that’s well worth the consideration for any creative professional, not just because it moves this functionality to a stand-alone mobile app, but because it adds a few new bells and whistles as well.

Chief among these is the ability to automatically generate a color palette from a photo that you take with your phone. So if you’re out and about in New Orleans and you see a fetching mural for the Saints, you can snap a photo and get the distinctive gold/black/white color without having to hunt down a branding guide. It’s not just a gimmick, either: you can create palettes along the major divisions of color theory, complementary, monochromatic, analogous, shades, triad, tetrad and split complementary.

Other functions include exporting to RGB, HSB and HEX, not to mention swapping palettes with your friends on Facebook. Those just looking for some UI bling can adapt their palettes into Android wallpapers. The full version is a hefty $4.99 USD, but those who need professional tools probably won’t bat an eye. The Lite version is free, but does without the various theoretical variations and wallpaper.