Available only for iOS until now, popular mobile device reading app Readmill has made its way to Android. The simple, elegant iOS app offers nothing more than a clean reading environment, free of cluttered ads or a fussy interface. Readmill also offers a community for sharing books, and will upload books you have saved on your device in ePub format. Of course, for those using Kindle or Play Books, the app will not find any of your books.

The reading app also sets itself apart, offering reviews from users, not just those grabbed from the web. You can also see annotations made by other readers, and share yours to followers or the web, making for a truer sharing experience. The Digital Reader is also reporting that Readmill has partnered with several self publishing houses and independent booksellers to bring users more to read.

The app is one of the cleanest readers around, but has a few niggles to overcome. It doesn’t have a search function for finding books in their free marketplace, which could prove cumbersome for those looking for a specific title. Gladly, they have a bevy of classic titles to keep you occupied until they fix their search problem, and the typography and overall aesthetics are easy on the eyes.

Readmill is available for download now on the Play Store, so give it a shot. Early reviews are very positive, with a 4.9 at the time or writing. It’s free, social, and a pleasure to use, so we hope they fix their minor issues sooner rather than later.


  1. I held onto my first-gen iPad for over a year because of ONE app: Readmill. I’m really pleased with this release. Highly recommended.

  2. The typical use case I have is to be able to access books from anywhere I want. My desktop at home, at work, my tablet, my phone, etc. Also to be able to pick up right where I left off. It does not look like this can do this. Play books does this extremely well.


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