RD Mute is a cool app that uses a smartphones accelerometer to mute voice functions with a simple turning over of the phone.  In addition, it will mute the phone should it sense that the user may be driving at speeds of over 30 miles an hour.  And the best part is, it’s free.

Other cool features include loading up the App on start up, adjusting the speed to which the user wants to disable phone functions, and RD Mute only being active for incoming phone calls – which is nice for saving battery life (EVO users rejoice).  And so your friends and co-workers won’t feel rebuffed that you’re not answering calls, RD Mute will even send a text message advising when you’re driving and can’t answer your phone.

Available in the Android Marketplace

[Via XDA Developers]


  1. Why would this app need access to Send SMS, Read or Edit SMS, read contact data, or get fine GPS location?

    I could understand phone state, but what purpose does the rest server?

    Lazy developer didn’t fill out the form correctly, or malicious app?

  2. The reason for SMS access is quite clear in the description of the app above. If you are driving it has the ability to text your friends to tell them. GPS is so it can monitor how fast you are travelling.


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