Google’s introduction of the new generation Chromecast¬†was quickly followed by the announcement of the Chromecast Audio. It’s the audio version that offers music and sound streaming from a given source to a nearby compatible speaker. Even without Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy wireless audio streaming with this Chromecast Audio. It works the same way as the ordinary Chromecast is used for video streaming.

What’s good about the Chromecast Audio is that you can enjoy streaming even if you have an older speaker. While audiophiles are looking for more hi-tech speaker and audio systems with Bluetooth connectivity or are capable of High Fidelity sounds, Chromecast Audio won’t require you to upgrade your gadget. Your ordinary speaker with 3.5mm port or RCA output can work with the Chromecast. It turns any speaker into a wireless system so you can play your favorite music from your smartphone or tablet to any Chromecast-enabled speaker.

RCA Cable Chromecast Audio 2

Feel free to connect the 3.5 mm connector to the Chomecast Audio and then to a speaker with RCA input. This RCA cable is what you will need to connect to the stereo RCA input of the speaker. It weighs only 0.42 oz or 12 grams and measures only one foot in length. RCA Cable looks attractive in lemon yellow.

SOURCE: Google Store