Razer’s new gaming controller is finally introduced. The Raiju Mobile is another attempt by Razer to get on top of the gaming industry. It’s just one of the numerous accessories the company is bringing to the public. Razer boasts that it is “made for gamers by gamers” so we know that it is something worthwhile because the gamers know what they want. Raiju Mobile is a gaming controller for Android. It’s not just for the Razer Phone. You can use it with other Android phones.

The Razer Raiju Mobile is meant to “level up your mobile gaming performance” wherever you may be. It syncs with your phone and allows you to enjoy your favorite games in ways you can’t imagine you can just do with your phone.

Razer added mecha-tactile action buttons to this one. If you remember the Razer Raiju Ultimate, the Raiju Mobile boast the same features but are now built-in. The controller is faster too and offers a crisper tactile feedback as described. Touch is soft for comfort and convenience without compromising speed and response.

This Razer Raiju Mobile game controller for Android offers advanced customization and expert control. The button layout is ergonomic multi-function that can be set to preferred commands. The hair-trigger mode allows the game controller to launch a full rapid fire when needed.

The device offers mode switch so gamers can switch between paired devices and connectivity modes easily and without having to re-pair. The sensitivity clutch levels of the gadget can be assigned to a multifunction button. You see, precise aiming is one of Razer’s many goals for the Raiju Mobile. Having control of sensitivity levels can greatly help in every gameplay.

Price tag reads $149.99. Buy directly from RAZER.