The Razer Phone 2 was an early subject of a Durability Test. That’s how fast Mr. JerryRigEverything is especially since we know big brands already come to him. Even if it means being shamed, OEMs let Zack Nelson review their products, do stress tests, and tear them down for further analysis. As for the second-gen Razer Phone, we already watched the video that showed flexing from both sides do nothing. Also, scratching and burning the front display won’t damage the phone at all.

This time, the Razer Phone 2 gets opened as part of a teardown and with the goal of making the back panel transparent. This seems to be a standard thing now, at least, for Zack who is not afraid to get rough with gadgets. The clear Razer Phone is a result of some dissection.

The initial discovery is on the earpiece that appears to be glued only. There is no screw so you know it can be easily removed and replaced.

Using a heat gun, the glass can be easily removed. It is fragile so it helps if hands are light. There is some band of watertight adhesive around but is cut and removed when you open apart the glass from the chassis.

Once the panel is removed, you see a wireless charging coil at the center. The Razer snake logo has a white LED pad underneath.

There is a dual camera lens bracket that can be easily removed as well. The rear glass panel is covered by a coat similar to the Pixel. You can’t peel the whole layer at once. You need to scratch the whole surface. Cut around the logo to preserve the snake.

The rear glass panel is hard so razor sctrach marks may be absent even if you try. Scratching the black covering results to a clean and streamlined look. Use a glass cleaner to remove all smudges and fingerprints.