The latest ultimate gaming phone from Razer has finally been subjected to JerryRigEverything’s Durability Test. We’ve always been curious if the Razer can survive a razor. Zack Nelson is always quick to get rough with some of latest premium devices and the new Razer Phone 2 is no different. Its design may be similar to the original Razer Phone model but we believe the device is a true upgrade hidden in an old look. It can still be the ultimate gaming phone, thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate.

The familiar rectangular phone design is still there. The light-up LED looks cool on the glass back. You can even change the color of the three snakes depending on your mood.

As with most Gorilla Glass-protected screens, this one scratches at level 6. Deeper grooves are at level 7. There are large and very obvious front-facing speakers that get scratched easily because the material used in the area is only plastic.

The selfie cameras are protected by glass so they are safe and scratch-free. The black anodized aluminum edges scratch, revealing the silver metal underneath. The fingerprint scanner scratches but it still works.

Watch the full Razer Phone 2 Durability Test Video below:

The Razer Phone 2’s screen lasted 19 seconds under the flame before turning black. The residue disappears after some time.

When it comes to the bend test, flexing the phone from both sides do nothing. The Razer Phone 2 survived unlike its predecessor the Nextbit Robin.