The Razer Phone 2 may look a lot like the original version but we can say it is a worthy update. It’s a true upgrade hidden in an old look—–a better version of the first gaming phone that helped start the competition. It still is THE gaming smartphone to beat but we won’t be surprised if new ones will be able to overtake Razer’s offer soon. In the United States, AT&T will be selling the phone beginning this November 16, Friday, when you can finally place your pre-order.

You can buy the Razer Phone 2 directly online from and select physical AT&T stores. The flagship store in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Seattle will have it on sale on Friday. Special gaming events will be held in the locations mentioned as part of promotions.

The Razer Phone 2 can be availed on AT&T NEXT with a $26.67 monthly fee, payable in 30 months. If you’re a hardcore mobile gamer, we highly recommend you get this one.

Razer teamed up with AT&T because it is able to provide network speed and reliability. The Razer Phone 2 can offer the best in mobile entertainment experience especially if Internet speed is fast.

AT&T Sponsorships and Experiential Marketing’s assistant vice president Shiz Suzuki said: “AT&T provides the speed and connectivity needed for engaging gaming and streaming experiences, which now includes offering top-of-line gaming devices for our customers.”