Razer Opus X Launch

Ah, Razer. We didn’t forget this brand but we haven’t heard anything about it since that Razer Phone 3 prototype we saw appearing with an unimpressive design. We also remember that Razer Kishi universal telescopic gaming controller with lag-free control for phones that we got to review. Over the weekend, we saw a new pair of headphones that will make the avid gamers excited especially those that are fans of the Razer brand. Meet the RAZER OPUS X wireless noise-canceling headphones.

The new wireless headphones from Razer comes with Active Noise Cancelling. It’s affordable at only $99 and is actually lower compared to older Razer Opus models. The pair boasts 40mm drivers with a circumaural design. There are large ear pads for comfort.

The pair features active noise-cancelation technology (ANC) that cancels out ambient noise with the help of external microphones. A Quick Attention Mode still allows outside sound to come inside through speakers when you need to hear your surroundings.

The Razer Opus X wireless noise-canceling headphones come with 60ms of latency and Bluetooth 5.0 connection. The latency is ideal for Gaming Mode.


The pair is mainly wireless. Unfortunately, you can’t use it in wired mode as there is no audio input available.

Battery life is lower than 30 hours with ANC enabled. You can buy a pair directly from Razer.com. Color options are Mercury (White), Quartz (Pink), and Green.