If you were amazed by the light bulb system that could be turned on and off just by clapping your hands together, then imagine how you will react to light that can be controlled through your smartphone or tablet! iLuv Creative Technology has just released what may very well be the “smartest” light in the market, as it can be controlled by any mobile device as long it is connected to the light through Bluetooth and an app.

The Rainbow7 bulbs may be the first step towards home automation for some people, and most users would probably enjoy being able to control their light from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Your mobile device needs to just be 30 feet away and then you would be able to turn the lights on and off and choose whichever color you’d want it to be to match your mood or need. The app has over 16 million possible lighting colors so if you need to study, relax, or keep awake, there is a setting for you.

You can also schedule or customize when or how the lights will turn on or off. You can have it turn on when you walk through the door or turn off at night when everyone’s asleep. And since you will probably not be using just one bulb, you can control multiple bulbs all in one go, or group a certain number of them as well. You can group up to 6 bulbs and create and control 10 different bulb groups. iLuv also says that their product is energy efficient and the lifespan of each bulb is 20,000 hours so you wouldn’t need to change as often as other bulbs.

Each Rainbow7 light bulb costs $39.99, but remember, it will last you for a long time so the price tag is pretty okay. You can buy them through Amazon or other selected retailers.