When it rains, it pours. That is exactly what has happened in Mountain View today over at the Googleplex. In case you’ve missed it Google and Android was under attack today from rain, and then the Eclair statue on Google’s front lawn joined in — threatening the Ice Cream Sandwich. I think the folks over at Google are a little bored today on Friday the 13th.

As we all know, with each iteration of Android comes an awesome new statue to peacefully sit out front of building 44 at the Googleplex. We watched them deliver Ice Cream Sandwich to the grass late last year, and Honeycomb before that. What is usually a peaceful and Android love filled front yard turned into murky dangerous waters this morning after heavy rainfall in California. While this isn’t anything too exciting it’s worth a quick laugh or two.

Thanks to a few Googlers over at Google+ we have the details and video to share. I think I’d want to ride that giant Eclair too if I were him. In the end thanks to Dan Morrill all the Androids were saved from the watery depths (inches) and no Androids were harmed during the making of this film — except for Eclair of course. Now that we’ve all moved on to the frozen Ice Cream Sandwich the Eclair seems a little on the jealous side and was headed for revenge.

That’s all folks. Everything is back to normal at the Googleplex.



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