It’s that time of the year again folks! The time where everyone starts offering deals, giving discounts, and hope we all line up outside for Black Friday. Today the guys at RadioShack have announced another pretty impressive deal they’ll be offering starting November 18th, available in-store and online with a purchase of the Galaxy S III.

Personally I’m more of a Cyber Monday guy than Black Friday. I’m not about to wait in lines at 4:00 AM in the freezing cold for a TV. Good news though, RadioShack has plenty of Black Friday deals on Android devices, and starting Sunday, November 18th, those who purchase the Galaxy S III will also get a $50 Google Play Store gift card. This is available in-store, and online — but there’s a few catches.

The Galaxy S III from RadioShack will only be $99 too, so that’s another great aspect of this deal. The deal does not apply to T-Mobile, and users are required to sign a new 2-year contract to enjoy that $50 gift card. Other fine print states the deal is only valid in store for AT&T, if you choose to take up this deal online AT&T won’t be taking part — but the other 2 main US carriers will. So get ready to wait in a few small lines at your local shopping mall.

If you’ve been eying the Samsung Galaxy S III, snag one starting Sunday from Radioshack for only $99 and enjoy a $50 Google Play Store gift card to load up on games, apps, books, music, magazines and more. Who’s getting excited for all the holiday deals we’ll surely start seeing soon? I know I am.

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