We’ve just learned that RadioShack is having a huge blowout on all their T-Mobile devices and things will even be leaving the shelves for FREE so you’d better hurry if you’ve been planning a move to T-Mobile. Starting September 14th RadioShack will no longer be carrying T-Mobile devices and are now going to be partnered with Verizon. According to their Facebook page they are going to start clearing the shelves of T-Mobile and as a result we all benefit.

So, starting today RadioShack is not just having close out deals but they are giving away their T-Mobile phones for free, yup for free. I know the deal is tempting and they will probably be going quick so you better call around for a few different local RadioShack locations and see what is available. This deal is in-store only and not available online.

Don’t rush down too quick because the deal is not available for upgrades but we were expecting that. This is only valid for new contracts or if you add a line to an existing contract. We don’t have any details as to when this huge deal will end but the T-Mobile offerings will be ending mid September at the Shack so this could carry on until then, that is if supplies last of course. Can’t be the good ol price of free.99 so go find what you want and enjoy it, they have plenty of Android phones available.

[via TmoNews]