The Samsung Developers Conference isn’t just a chance to inject new blood into the manufacturer’s software ecosystem. It is also an opportune moment for more established developers to showcase their wares. One such developer is Cie Games, who just announced the arrival of their hit iOS racing game Racing Rivals on the Android platform.

Racing Rivals is a car racing game, but unlike its more popular rivals in the genre, Racing Rivals focus on one and only one type of race: drag racing. This puts the game in an entirely different light. Instead of simply racing for points or fame, players race for bets, which range from certain amounts of in-game denominations to acquiring the loser’s car itself, or “pinks” in drag racing lingo.

Even the act of competing itself has a different twist. In other racing games, players compete in what Cie Games calls “ghost races”, where players simply race against other players’ scores. Racing Rivals, on the other hand, boasts of a live, synchronous multiplayer gameplay that has players competing with other people in real time. This feature, as well as the realistic cars and car parts used in the game, has helped make the game a smash hit on Apple’s App Store, says the developer. Here’s a short trailer of the Racing Rivals game.

Naturally, Android users have been clamoring to have the game available on their favorite devices. Cie Games has heard and answered. But don’t hit Google Play Store just yet at Cie Games says that Racing Rivals will be available shortly, with no specific date mentioned.

SOURCE: Cie Games