You can’t really be that innovative or grounbreaking anymore when it comes to mobile racing games. But what you can do is make it as enjoyable as possible and put in many cool features that will make you stand out among the pack. It also wouldn’t hurt if you had beloved cartoon characters as race car drivers right? This is the idea behind Formula Cartoon All-Stars from Cartoon Network, which lets your favorite “stars” take the wheel in this racing game.

All your favorite Cartoon Network stars, like Finn, Jake, Gumball, Ben 10, Steven Universe and others, are raring to drive and go. But this game isn’t just all about speed to win the race, but also using and mastering various power-ups, like ice cubs, bubbles, tomatoes, etc, anything to help you confuse your opponents to let you get first place. You can also personalize not just your character, but your racing car as well, with over 100 different pieces. You can also use these parts to make your car go faster and leave the others in the dust.

There are a lot of tournaments that you can join as well, where you can post your fastest times against other players and win rewards when you win or you place high on the table. You can also unlock show-themed tournaments as well. The over 75 tracks will look familiar if you’re a fan of the various Cartoon Network shows as they are set in places like Candy Kingdom, Elmore Junior High, Regular Show’s Park, etc.

You can download Formula Cartoon All-Stars from the Google Play Store for $2.99. There are still some in-app purchases available so be careful with your permissions, especially as kids will probably be playing this game on your device.