The new startup RebelApes definitely know how to make fun and exciting mobile games. If you’re not familiar with these guys, don’t worry. The ‘Highway Traffic Racer Planet’ is enough to convince you because this new game will make you play endlessly until your phone battery runs low. This arcade racing game will have you racing on a highway with almost no end. Your main goal is to go through the dangerous highways, pass through traffic, and explore a mini planet with different environments.

You will be collecting cars and map parts to unlock premium content. They’re free for your consumption. All you need to do is show your best time and speed and reach the best position on the Leaderboards. You can be the best driver on those highways. Be competitive but make sure to still have fun. Don’t be too serious, life is short and well, the highway road is endless!

This game won’t stress your eyes because of the cute but stunning and bright low poly styled 3D graphics. Right now, you can choose from among three class of 12 cars, three maps with unique perks, and three game modes. This won’t be a racing game if there are no crashes but in this adventure, they are hilarious that sometimes you’ll forget that you are actually crashing and in trouble.

This is one fun game that is easy to play. Avoid the traffic, earn coins, avoid obstacles, and unlock maps and cars. It’s an easy tilt-and-touch to steer game where you’ll be hooked to go faster and overtake other cars in high speed.

Download Highway Traffic Racer Planet from the Google Play Store