For geeks, nerds, and other creatures on the internet whose preference is still the text-based threaded format of discussions forums of old, Reddit is the “go to” social media experience. Granted, it’s not for everybody, but a lot of people still use it. This is why apps like r-Slash are designed, so that people can check Reddit in style while on the go.

The r-Slash app is made by Canadian developer Michael Truong and has a number of unique features for Redditors. The app displays in percentage the number of up votes and down votes a post has – and this will not make any sense to you if you’re not already using Reddit. Things like that are important to Reddit users. Images and videos are also displayed within the app, and there’s an icon that shows you where the links within a post go to.


If you check the Reddit source link below, you will notice two things – first up, the app lags on some devices. The developer is working on it right now to see what causes the lags, because they seem to be on random devices, and one Nexus 5 will handle the app better than another Nexus 5. But secondly, there is a majority notion that the app is well designed and the aesthetics and intuitiveness of it is great.

If you want to pick up the app and try it on your device, check out the download link below. Hit up the source link if you want to get some feedback and just general knowledge about the app.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store
SOURCE: Reddit