As technology and gadgets become more and more advanced, there is still some part of us (at least those old enough to remember) that longs for a small part of the past, when things like typewriters existed. But what if you could meld those two worlds in one gadget? That is what Qwerkywriter from start-up company Qwerkytoys, is aiming to do with its vintage typewriter-inspired keyboard.

Not only does the 84 key mechanical keyboard look like the typewriter of old, it also has the feel and sound of an actual typing machine, or at least it can simulate one. It has Cherry MX Blue switches that is the reason why it has the clicky feel of a typewriter. This is a foreign sound to the younger ones, but something that brings a wave of nostalgia for those who were able to experience using a typewriter. The keys even have a chrome accented round keycaps to give that authentic look to it.

It can be connected to the screen you’re using via USB, but it also has Bluetooth Connectivity for when you want to do away with wires and all. It comes with a tablet stand that can support tablets up to 5-8 inches thick. The default layout for the keyboard is WIN US/ANSI but it also supports Mac OS through alternate CMD keys.

The keyboard is still in production mode so some of the specs may still change. It is expected to start shipping out the products by August 15. This was actually the result of a Kickstarter campaign and raised more than what was needed, proving that people are still on a vintage kick. You can still pre-order the typewriter however, by visiting the Qwerkywriter website.

SOURCE: Kickstarter