An iOS mainstay, QuizUp has finally made its way to Android. The popular test your knowledge app is now available for free in the Play Store, and offers the same great experience our iOS counterparts have enjoyed for some time. If you think you’re smarter than the next guy, QuizUp might be something you should try.

It’s pretty simple to get up and running with. Once you load the app, you can use your Facebook or Google+ sign-in if you like, and even link it to Play Games (and QuizUp should be a neat game to take advantage of the update). From there, pick a category and level you want to start at, and away you go.

A few in-app purchases keep the money flowing in for the Developers, but you don’t really need them — they’re for more serious players who want an edge. You’ll get a question posed with four answers. Guess right, and you get points. Guess wrong, and you get nothing. Answer fast, and you get a bonus… slowly, and you get less or no bonus.

You can see your opponents’ meter rise (or not), but not their answer. It’s a race against the clock and opponent, so the pressure is really on. QuizUp is a lot of fun, but be careful when you download. It won’t work with the newer ART runtime for Android — it just force closes straight away. If you’re still on Dalvik, though, give it a shot. It’s a lot of fun, and a neat way to waste time when you’re in need of a distraction.