Multitasking on Android can be hit and miss. The recent apps button is handy, but only if we’ve used the app we want. There are various launchers that can be manipulated and bent to our will, but they require us to forsake all others. With Quickr, we get to have our launcher and multitask, too.

Quickr is described as an action launcher, which is accurate, but also not a term we like for it. It’s not much of a launcher at all. It’s really more of a multitasking tool, wherein we get to quickly get to the apps we want without having to remodel our entire device. There is no fussy interface to subscribe to, and we can even keep stock Android if we like. We tested it on several devices, skinned and otherwise. The experience was the same across the board.

The customization is a bit confusing, but once you get the hang of it, it’s worth the stretch. Most content is premium, but Quickr is a gesture-based task launcher that works. Essentially, you build folders of apps, and a swipe from the side activates them. So, if you have a slew of social media apps you use, like Twitter of Facebook, you can create a folder. There are four sections you can swipe from on your screen, so if you set your social folder to launch from the top right, a swipe from the top right of your screen would open up a menu with only those apps.

From there, you select which you want to use, and off you go. The catch is that you have to keep your finger on the screen, as the menu will disappear of you stop touching the screen. Quickr is definitely an app to check out, but be prepared to pay for it via the premium upgrade if you like it. The standard features are limited, but for $2.02, the app is easily worth it. If you like the experience you get with Android, but just want a little bit more, Quickr is a great app for you.
VIA: Lifehacker