Google purchased Quickoffice back in June and while the app sat relatively untouched for some time, there was a relaunch in September. That brought a refreshed version of the app as well as a new price point — Quickoffice went free for all. Along with that relaunch, Quickoffice users were also given 10GB of Google Drive storage.

Now keeping with the Drive connection, Google has once again updated Quickoffice. This time around the Google Drive integration has been improved. Google has said that Google Docs, Sheets and Slides files will automatically open in the Drive app, that is, provided the user has both Drive and Quickoffice installed.

Otherwise, this most recent Quickoffice update also included some unspecified performance improvements and big fixes. This was a simple, but a seemingly welcomed update. This does bring the question though, how long before Google updates the Quickoffice app to a point where it is no longer needed.

After all, the last update made Quickoffice free and gave away Drive storage, then this update had Google Docs files opening directly in Google Drive — eliminating some of the need for Quickoffice. Of course, you still need Quickoffice installed alongside Drive for now, but it seems like we are moving to a point where Quickoffice will no longer be quite as necessary.

That all being said, the latest version of Quickoffice can be found in the Google Play Store.