Mourning the loss of Google Docs from your app tray? (Don’t, by the way – all that functionality is still in Google Drive.) Looking for something with a little more oomph to edit documents on your lunchbreak? Then you’ll want to check out the latest version of QuickOffice Pro. We’ve covered this app before, but the sheer number of additions in version 5.5 warrants attention. You can buy the standard version in the Google Play Store for $14.99, and the tablet version for $19.99.

How has QuickOffice improved? Oh, let me count the ways. There’s more fonts and keyboard shortcuts (for QWERTY phones or Bluetooth keyboards) across all the included apps. The PDF viewer gets in-text comments, shapes and annotations, as well as better selection tools. The word processor gets spell check, line spacing options, tables, and improved chart and table management for DOCX files.

The presentation viewer gets a laser pointer software tool, numbered lists in addition to bullet points, and duplicate slides in the PowerPointX format. Spreadsheets get a relatively small update, allowing users to move or resize charts and update them with live data. Best of all, if you’ve already bought a previous version of QuickOffice, you don’t need to repurchase it – just check the Google Play Store for the update.