Ok, we’ve seen a ton of pictures of Garmin’s first entry into to the Android game. Now there’s a video of this handset in action. The guys over at Tmonews managed to get their hands on this video.  Another custom UI comes with the introduction of this phone. It’s designed to fulfill all your GPS needs, we finally get a chance to see how it works.

Hopefully after viewing this video you now know what to expect from this device. Judging from the video, you will not get the feel of a real Android device from this phone. That’s a good and bad thing, it’s great to see the versatility of the OS but if you’re looking for the full Android experience this may not be the device for you. The UI isn’t really appealing either but if you travel a lot, this will surely give you a more robust navigation experience then Google Maps (Maps got me stranded a few times). And look at the bright side, this device isn’t out yet so hopefully some of its shortcomings will be ironed out before its release.


[via tmonews]