Qualcomm has announced the dates for the Uplinq 2013 Mobile Developers Conference. Simply put, this years event will run from September 3 to 5. The conference will be held in San Diego and according to Qualcomm, will offer attendees an overview and deep-dive into technical education and business development opportunities.

Some of what will be covered during Uplinq 2013 include topics direct from Qualcomm as well as from third parties. For those new to the Uplinq conference, while this will include portions from Qualcomm, they seem to be making an effort to bring a wide variety of topics and opinions. In fact, Qualcomm has said that “every year a significant portion of Uplinq’s content is delivered by third parties.” Also, coming based on feedback from previous years attendees, Uplinq 2013 will feature additional technical sessions as well as “enhanced” business development programs.

Getting a bit more specific, Uplinq 2013 will include sessions on everything from “how to exploit the powerful capabilities of today’s leading mobile devices and to enable them to cultivate the business connections essential to making money in mobile.” Basically, this is said to be a conference aimed at “all members of the value chain” to include executives and staff.

As of now registration for Uplinq 2013 has yet to open. Qualcomm has however said that registration will open in early 2013 and that there will be some special offers available for those who choose to register early. Our sister site SlashGear will also be in San Diego to cover the event. In the meantime, you can check out some of the coverage they offered from previous years events.

[via SlashGear]