Talking to your wearable might be the best method for getting things done, which is why Qualcomm has tapped Nuance to help with their Toq smartwatch. The wearable will now allow you to respond to messages via your smartwatch, which is a neat trick — it just needs a bit of work.

SlashGear has given a hands-on look for the new utility (which you can see below), showing the recognition is clean and efficient. While the engine powering the voice control is strong, it’s also limited. We won’t be able to take advantage of it via any method we like, which limits us to how we use the watch in general.

As Chris Davies from SlashGear points out, there isn’t much to the Toq-Nuance relationship right now. A nicely tuned addition to the smartwatch, it still asks that we go elsewhere for most tasks:

All in all, it’s a slick system as far as it goes, but it’s relatively limited: right now, sending messages or replying to calls with messages is effectively all you can do. If you get an email, you can’t dictate a reply to it; if you’re notified to a Twitter message, or an email, you can’t tell Toq how to respond. Those things still require you to pull out your phone.

A video below shows how sleek the voice recognition is, so we’re hopeful Qualcomm makes short work of implementing this everywhere for the Toq. Voice is easily the best option for controlling smartwatch features, and Nuance has a really nice service on offer, here. Of course, there’s also the Android Wear looming on the horizon, so whatever Qualcomm and Nuance have planned may need to come soner rather than later.

Source: SlashGear