This week we’re coming at you straight from Qualcomm as they move through a series of talks and keynotes as their Mobile Benchmark Workshop commences. In one of the first events of the week, Qualcomm’s devotion to testing their own devices with a benchmark test called Vellamo – perhaps you’ve heard of it before – is quite clear. In addition to speaking about how it’s not just the relatively wide variety of tests this app runs your device through that matters, specifically in the world of web browsing, they’ve made it clear that in the end its the user experience that’s most important.

Jon Peddie from JPR research spoke up on how it’s not any of the tests that we regularly use today that’ll be the tests of tomorrow, it’s Augmented Reality. With Augmented Reality tests on the horizon, we’ll be testing ever aspect of the processors in your smartphone and tablet, not just, for example, the graphics. Meanwhile it’s still Vellamo, a test which uses a set of benchmarks all in one giant test to stress out your device, that they’ll be working on and with.

Have a peek at our own hands-on with Vellamo here and download it for yourself from the Google Play app store, too!

Then note that Qualcomm will also be pushing forward with new versions of its hardware that it’ll be, once again, testing with Vellamo. We’ll be hearing more about Adreno 320 for the Snapdragon S4 quad-core Prime MPQ8064 as well as the S4 Pro throughout the week. Stay tuned for more hot Qualcomm action!