Qualcomm is up to no good and has released another epic viral video this afternoon showing us the world without mobile. Oh how things have changed since I was in High School. Do you remember your first smartphone? My G1 was so amazing to me, and now I can’t imagine life without my smartphone, Google Now, and Twitter. For a little comedy on this casual Wednesday, Qualcomm has you covered.

To be honest the video should be more geared towards life without a smartphone, more so than mobile, but either way it’s worth a quick look. Qualcomm has released some pretty neat videos in the past (linked to below) and this is certainly no different. It’s irreverent and fun, so lets take a look.

Teasing a world without mobile. You have mail carriers delivering your messages (and spam) people walking around holding TVs up to their facing, and even real-life Angry Birds are all included. It’s pretty nuts so without spoiling all the fun. Here it is:

My fave would have to be the SPAM delivering a sucker-punch to the dudes face, or updating your status with things all over the wall. Pretty clever skit here Qualcomm. Their latest slogan has been “Born Mobile” as they show us how important mobile devices are in our lives.

Even more important, is the battery life AND performance these devices get. That’s where the company and their Snapdragon 600 and 800 processors powering devices like the HTC One, Galaxy S4, and upcoming LG G2 all come in to play. It’s a clever little video. What do you guys think?