Today Qualcomm has just announced the release of a brand new mobile computing and technology site called Spark. This isn’t an app for Android, or something that will be inside of HTC or other Qualcomm powered devices — instead it’s a place for creators to come and spark ideas, invent the unimaginable and more.

This is more than just a place or a blog to share ideas. It is a digital magazine where communities of inventors and tech fans alike can not only learn of new ideas, but to share them and help each other look for the next big thing. The next amazing creation in this ever growing and expanding world of mobile computing we live in. Qualcomm themselves, industry leaders and analysts can all join together and talk about ideas, share perspectives and more with Qualcomm Spark.

They are calling it the Spark blog but it’s much more than that. Qualcomm isn’t just a company that builds processors. They innovate, research, and create. With things like Mirasol displays and more they have plenty of ideas for the world of mobile. Chairman and CEO of Qualcomm, Dr. Paul Jacobs talks about Qualcomm Spark in detail with the video below that should help any wandering minds.

Qualcomm hopes that Spark will help them and others to push the boundaries of mobile computing. In future releases to the Spark Blog we can expect to see real life stories of inventions and creations that will help Spark current or future ideas beyond anything we’ve seen so far in this crazy world of technology. Interesting to say the least. I can’t wait to see some of the awesome ideas or creations that come from this new initiative.

[via Qualcomm]