Qualcomm has announced that they’ve acquired about 1,400 patents from HP. The portfolio, which also encompasses patent applications, notably references Palm, iPaq, and Bitphone. It seems to take much of HP’s mobile portfolio away, even as they introduce a few new smartphones to the world.

 The deal is between Qualcomm and HP, but also encompasses Palm Inc. and HP Development Company LP., both subsidies of HP. This places Qualcomm in a unique position to offer licensing to others, as well as use the technology for their various products, both present and future. Though announced a few minutes ago Qualcomm’s announcement is surprisingly light on details.

Saying only that it will give them “fundamental mobile operating system techniques” and “will enable the company to offer even more value to current and future licensees”, Qualcomm offered little else. We know how much was gained in terms of patents and pending applications, but not how much as paid. We also don’t get a full idea of the scope of these patents, though it seems as though they’ve wiped HP out in regard to mobile.

The news on this is still developing. Should we hear more about what Qualcomm’s aim is for these patents, we’ll be sure to update you. For now, we’re resigned to the comfort that Qualcomm is positioning themselves to be much more than a chipset manufacturer.
VIA: SlashGear