Qualcomm has got a new set of mobile processors meant for the latest smartphones and other mobile devices. The top chipset maker definitely knows innovation as it introduces mobile platforms for different tiers. The last Snapdragon variant we featured was the Snapdragon X55 modem which was created for more 5G phones and 5G-enabled devices. That was after the SD 8150 aka Snapdragon 855 chipset rolled out as a premium mobile processor. These mobile platform units are all built for next-gen mobile experiences as each once offers unparalleled improvements on imaging, location sharing, gaming, video streaming, audio quality, facial recognition, power management, and application downloads.

Qualcomm is going truly global as it enables more devices across different categories. Three new chipsets are ready: the Snapdragon 665, Snapdragon 730, and the Snapdragon 730G.

Snapdragon 665

This mobile platform promises to produce premium photos at every angle. AI is up to 2X faster and this thing can manage up to 48MP or triple cameras. This one includes the 3rd Gen Qualcomm AI Engine, 4K30 video capture, and is based on an 11nm processor.

The Snapdragon 665 allows a bunch of imaging features like portrait mode, HDR High-resolution depth sensing, 720p 240fps slo-mo video capture, 4K video capture, 3D face unlock, multi-frame noise reduction, and MCTF video capture.

Snapdragon 730

The new Qualcomm mobile process offers amazing video capabilities. It boasts of being the first in different areas: CV-ISP in 7 Series, Tensor Accelerator, 7 Series, and True HDR in 7 Series. It is also the first in Qualcomm Spectra 3-series, Kryo 4- series, and based on 8nm process.

Feel free to take advantage of the 4K HDR feature with Portrait Mode, depth sensing at 60 fps, and the standard camera functions like 3D face unlock, multiple camera support, Multi-frame noise reduction, Spatial noise processing, MCTF video capture, and HEIF file capture and playback. The chipset can support up to 48 megapixels (MFNR) or up to 192MP of snapshots.

Snapdragon 730G

The Snapdragon 730G is basically a new processor for gaming. It includes select Snapdragon Elite Gaming features and allows the device to render graphics up to 15% faster. Expect more commercial devices running on Qualcomm Snapdragon will roll out by mid-2019.