At CES this past week Qualcomm was demonstrating the Snapdragon-based reference prototype running Google’s Android operating system. This demo included a large WVGA display along with Snapdragon’s always-on wireless connection to demonstrate the stability of Android on a larger scale device that the T-Mobile G1.It may not look like much all torn up on the table but it speaks volumes for the Android platform.

The Snapdragon has a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU complete with integrated HSPA+, and support for1080p high definition. It also has support for mobile TV and GPS capabilities making this perfect for the on the go user. Based on an ARM platform, Qualcomm has modified the processors to run at three times the normal speed. The company suggests that the Snapdragon-based devices will be able to stay connected to a data network.

Qualcomm says that Snapdragon is ideal for Android with its heavily Internet based functions. This company has demonstrated a touchscreen netbook based on this chipset. They have also confirmed that Snapdragon devices will launch sometime in 2009. We are all aware that Google intended the Android platform to be more than just a mobile phone platform. I will gladly take an Android-powered netbook any day, lets just hope that they push one out sooner rather than later.


[Via SlashGear]