Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platforms Snapdragon 720G Snapdragon 662 Snapdragon 460

We haven’t heard anything from Qualcomm since over a month ago but we know the company has been working on new processors. New additions are ready and so we’ve just been introduced to the Snapdragon 720G, Snapdragon 662, and Snapdragon 460. These mobile processors are for mid-range devices, bringing faster 4G connectivity, improved Bluetooth 5.1, and more Wi-Fi 6 features. While there is a market for 5G phones, there is still the 4G phone category that can still receive further enhancements.

5G isn’t that widespread yet so some networks and consumers will settle for 4G. In India, 4G networks will continue to thrive. It’s not exactly an old technology as it can still be improved overtime before the majority of the market is ready for 5G.

Qualcomm continues to aim to help partners by coming up with solutions that will deliver impressive mobile experiences. Connectivity can be fast and seamless with Snapdragon chipset. The three new mobile processors all come with Qualcomm AI Engine and Qualcomm Sensing Hub. Expect more advanced features, as well as, longer-lasting battery with the new chipsets. Some additions to the processors include the Qualcomm Location Suite, more accurate location performance, and more robust location-based services.

The new Snapdragon 720G is ideal for gaming and entertainment. It brings Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming features and intelligent performance. Expect a smooth HDR gameplay, realistic in-game environments, dynamic color range and contrast, and synchronized sound with Qualcomm aptX adaptive.

The Snapdragon 662 delivers impressive AI and camera capabilities. It will arrive with Qualcomm Spectra 340T. It can also support triple camera configurations plus the new Snapdragon X11 LTE modem. The Snapdragon 460 offers improvements and new features for the mass-market phones with 70% and 60% increase in performance CPU cores and GPU architecture.


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