We’ve been hearing about a shortage of the QUALCOMM S4 processors for a while. The disturbing thing about a shortage of that popular processor is that some of the new and interesting smartphones and tablets we are looking forward to could be delayed as a result. Alternatively, those devices could possibly get a chip that doesn’t perform as well.

One of the devices that could be delayed by the rumored S4 shortage is the Asus Padfone. Asus Indonesia recently tweeted that a shortage of the QUALCOMM fourth generation Snapdragon could delay the Padfone. Phandorid reports that the translated tweet claims QUALCOMM is still having shortages of the S4, and that’s the processor the Padfone uses.

An Asus spokesperson reportedly said, “I believe [the shortage is] affecting all of Qualcomm’s customers.” I think a lot of us are wondering if the Galaxy S III is the reason there’s a shortage of the S4 processor. We’re expecting a huge launch for that smartphone, and it is said to be using the S4. Perhaps Samsung bought all the stock and blocked competing products from launching. That would be a very smart business move, even though it’s quite irritating people who been waiting for other products such as the Padfone.

[via Phandroid]