The Qi standard for wireless charging is probably the most popular one in the world as the Wireless Power Consortium has almost all of the major technology brands as part of it. If you’re using wireless charging to juice up your device and you’re s fan of Qualcomm Quick Charge, we have good news for you. The Quick Charge brand will now be able to support Qi-certified standard. Unfortunately, this isn’t for existing wireless pads but for the future ones that will be released.

If you’re not familiar with how quick charging works, it allows your phone to recharge quickly (hence the name) for the first big portion of whatever capacity you have and then it slows down as it gets closer to full. The processor regulates the power so you can still be safe despite the huge amount of power needed. But it hasn’t worked on wireless charging pads, until now.

We’ll soon be seeing Qualcomm Quick Charge-compliant Qi-wireless charging pads which would also need a Quick Charge adaptor to plug in to the wall. It supports 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 4+ adapters. Once these are all in place, you will be able to quickly and wireless charge your supported devices on a charging pad, same as you would when it’s plugged into a wall.

However, not all Qi pads will be able to support Quick Charge just yet. Devices that come out after this agreement between Qualcomm and the WPC will be marked compliant with both standards. So this means if you have an existing pad, it probably won’t get quick charging so you have to wait for new products to come out.

The Mi Wireless Charging Pad is the first one that is both Qi-standard and Qualcomm Quick Charge certified. We’ll find out about more devices over the next few months as OEMs start certifying and supporting both.

VIA: SlashGear