Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 LTE Gigabit

Aside from the new Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor for wearables, Qualcomm has also revealed a new LTE modem chipset in the form of the Snapdragon X16. This LTE modem is the company’s 6th-gen chipset already that has advanced so much with an up to a Gigabit download speed. It’s currently considered as the first even LTE Advanced Pro modem that supports Licensed Assisted Access and is ready for the mobile market.

We don’t usually discuss what model chipsets are being used in the newly launched smartphones and tablets but this one deserves our attention because of the 1Gbps internet speed. That’s the highest so far for any modem chipset. It’s fast alright but it will only use the same amount of spectrum as most Category 9 LTE devices. Speed is more than twice of what the LTE Multimode modem is capable of.

Qualcomm aims to maintain its mission to provide speed, optimized power consumption, and thermal efficiency. The chip manufacturer also unveiled the new WTR5975 RF transceiver thats works perfectly with the Qualcomm RF360 QET4100 Envelope Tracker. This transceiver supports the Gigabit Class LTE modem as well to ensure fast downloads all the time.

Because of all these improvements in the modem speed and transreceiver, live streaming of 360 degree VR content is possible. While commercial virtual reality is just starting, it’s only right that manufacturers and brands update their systems and technologies to cater to this new industry. Virtual reality certainly has potential because it allows everyone to have a new experience that is “out there” at the comfort of his own chair or home. Streaming virtual reality may not be a standard service yet but we believe we’re gonna get there. Don’t be too excited though because this one will only be ready by 2017.

VIA: SlashGear