We’re used to reading about Qualcomm getting into lawsuits left and right but it’s the first time for us to learn about Meizu being part of one. This time, the top chipset maker has filed a case against the Chinese OEM not only in the United States but also in Europe– specifically France and Germany. The issue has something to do with patent infringement by Meizu in these three different countries mentioned.

Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Meizu with the International Trade Commission (ITC), Mannheim Regional Court, and a similar one in France. All these happened after multiple cases were filed in China at the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. Unfortunately, the Chinese company was refusing to negotiate. And because of this refusal, Qualcomm was left with no choice but to protect their rights in other countries.

Most Meizu products use Qualcomm Snapdragon processor so this issue is a bit ironic. We’re not sure what Qualcomm wants to happen here but this is certainly a legit fight between the two big companies. We also don’t know what exactly the patents in question are but Qualcomm has a long list of patents and technologies available for licensing. It makes sense that the San Diego company is challenging Meizu for some licenses it may have forgotten to pay for.

SOURCE: Qualcomm


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