Dual-core processors were all the rage at this year’s CES. NVIDIA announced availability of their Tegra 2 processors in upcoming “Superphones,” and now Qualcomm has stated that their Snapdragon processors will be going dual-core this year.

However, they have not stated exactly when we can expect to start seeing devices ship with the processors. Many wonder if it will be worth the wait, and if Qualcomm’s delayed entrance will impact the company’s reputation. The answer is simple: no.

Qualcomm has several advantages over their competitors. They can not only provide the processor, but they can provide all the necessities such a the GPU and radios such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS, this gives them a huge advantage as phones can easily bundle all of this impressive hardware that works flawlessly together.

Hopefully we will see dual-core Snapdragon processors sooner rather than later starting with some powerful phones for the second half of the 2011 calendar year.

[Via IntoMobile]